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2018 Ford Expedition Boasts Impressive Updates

Customers in Newport News, VA love a good SUV, but sometimes it seems like all of the press for SUVs leans toward smaller crossovers. That makes sense considering how much the car-buying public seems to love the smaller, more maneuverable SUVs, but just because those have become so popular doesn't mean there is no place for larger SUVs like the 2018 Ford Expedition. Recently updated for the new model year, the 2018 Ford Expedition‚Ķ
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Ford F-150 Still King Among Pickups

It does not take much to convince customers in and around Hampton, VA that the 2018 Ford F-150 is a top-rate automobile. This pickup truck has been the unquestioned best-selling automobile in the United States for decades at this point, and even as the automaker submits the truck to updates, upgrades, and redesigns, consumers never tire of it. 
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2019 Ford Fusion Debuts Updated Safety Tech

It's hard to believe, but it's already been five years since the Ford Fusion last was redesigned. The 2019 Ford Fusion sedan and 2019 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid both are due for some big aesthetic and technological changes, including the first instance of Ford Co-Pilot360 advanced safety features appearing as standard features on a Ford model.
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2018 Ford Flex Among Best Vehicles for Dogs

The first consideration when buying any new or used Ford cars for sale here at Hall Ford Newport News is the driver themselves, but once that driver has taken care of their own needs and wants, it is natural for attention to turn to passengers, which aren't always human. In fact, for millions of people in the United States, those passengers are cats and dogs.
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The Ford Mustang Logo Gets Personalized

One thing customers in Newport News, VA love is to feel as though their automotive purchases are being customized to their own tastes. When Ford engineers designed the new 2018 Ford Mustang, for example, they didn't just build a single version in a single color that buyers could take or leave; rather, they built something that could be personalized to the exact specifications of the person taking home the model. 
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2018 Ford EcoSport Revolutionizes Infotainment

It's hard to believe that there ever was a time when automobiles didn't come with some form of infotainment (deliver entertainment and information content). Henry Ford didn't have time to concern himself with fitting music into vehicles because the Model T was a wonder in and of itself, simply for the sake of functionality.
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These Ford SUVs Dominated in 2017

It is not uncommon to read in the automotive news that SUVs and crossovers are dominating the consumer landscape these days, as more and more people move away from minivans for family vehicles and away from sedans for daily commuters. 
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Ford Intelligent AWD Great for Winter Months

There are rather considerable differences between a vehicle with all-wheel drive and one that uses either rear-wheel or front-wheel drive, and it has everything to do with how much control a driver has over their automobile. In Ford vehicles boasting the brand's Intelligent AWD, for example, power and torque are sent to both axels rather than just one, which gives the vehicle better control in wet, slick conditions.
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