2018 Ford Expedition Boasts Impressive Updates

Customers in Newport News, VA love a good SUV, but sometimes it seems like all of the press for SUVs leans toward smaller crossovers. That makes sense considering how much the car-buying public seems to love the smaller, more maneuverable SUVs, but just because those have become so popular doesn't mean there is no place for larger SUVs like the 2018 Ford Expedition. Recently updated for the new model year, the 2018 Ford Expedition is better than ever.

The redesign does start with some aesthetic updates, including a redesigned aluminum exterior that looks quite a bit sleeker and more modern than the outgoing version, but it still sits on the same frame as a Ford F-150, which gives it the toughness to tow and haul and off-road in ways that smaller crossovers simply cannot.

A good deal of that performance comes courtesy of the Ford EcoBoost® V6 engine that lies under the hood. While it is the same engine as the previous version, the ten-speed automatic transmission is new, and it works well in conjunction with the aforementioned engine, keeping the ride smooth and the vehicle under control. 

The 2018 Ford Expedition also comes with all the latest Ford technologies, including the lauded Ford SYNC® 3 infotainment system, loads of impressive advanced safety technologies, and voice-controlled smartphone apps that can stream audio apps and run navigation.

If you would like to test drive the new 2018 Ford Expedition, come pay us a visit here at Hall Ford Newport News and we will be happy to get you behind the wheel for a spin. The new version is better than ever, and it proves that even the big SUVs still hold a place in the hearts of our customers.

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