What Fuel Do I Need for my Ford Vehicle?

The Ford automaker is one of the most diverse in terms of the different drivetrains available in their many automobiles. While many Ford vehicles still run on standard gasoline, there are plenty of other fuel options that can be confusing to those Norfolk, VA, customers who don't know much about the fuels that go into our new and used Ford cars for sale here at Hall Ford Newport News. To help alleviate the confusion, allow us to explain the differences between different fuel types.

For starters, Ford vehicles that do run on standard gasoline typically do so with regular unleaded, meaning the octane rating has nothing to do with how well your vehicle runs. You may love your 2017 Ford F-150 or 2017 Ford Mustang, but springing for premium fuel does nothing to extend vehicle longevity. Even our turbocharged engines don't require premium fuel, which isn't something all American automakers can boast.

Beyond that, though, there several diesel options among our fleet, most notably in our pickups and commercial trucks. Diesel emits less carbon than standard gasoline and typically gets more miles out of a gallon of fuel, which is great for those powerful trucks that chew through gas a little more quickly than smaller sedans.

There also are Ford flexible-fuel (FFV) models that can run on ethanol-based synthetic fuels, which are quite a bit less expensive than standard gasoline options. These fuels burn cleaner and are a lot more renewable than petroleum-based fuels.

As always, if you have any questions about which fuel to use, or which vehicles run on the fuel you prefer, just ask! We'll be happy to make sure you take home the right car, truck, or SUV for you, and that it stays filled up with the fuel it needs.

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