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Ford Fusion Highlights Latest Technology


As one of the premier American auto brands, Ford really wants to make sure they stay ahead of the curve with their vehicles, especially when it comes to technology. When looking at vehicles like the 2017 Ford Fusion, it is clear designers and engineers are committed to building some of the most modern, technology-friendly autos on the face of the planet. The Ford Fusion, however, has served as a great flagship for some of these…
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Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Among Best in Resale Value


After the first five years of ownership, the average automobile loses 60 percent of its value, making depreciation the single biggest expense car buyers ever will experience while owning their automobiles. Here's the better news for those customers that own a Ford Mustang: no one ever has called this particular automobile "average" in any way, and that holds true when it comes to depreciation, as well.

To be more specific, the 2017 Ford Shelby…
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Ford Motor Company + Jose Cuervo = Eco-friendly Autos

From the “How cool is this?” file comes the recent announcement that Ford Motor Company and Jose Cuervo are partnering in an effort to manufacture auto parts from agave plants.  As if the liquidized benefits of this “wonder plant” weren’t good enough already, now we find that it can be used to create a sustainable bioplastic material for integration into any number…

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